Thursday, July 15, 2010

Faces #1

So I can tell I'm back in the mode when
I'm seeing photo-intriguing faces everywhere.
Here's the first for the blog.
Cutie on a picnic.


At the Art Saint Louis art gallery downtown on Washington, Snail Scott's Armature Series struck me the most. Magnificent craftsmanship, each hand with a life-like texture, to it molded seamlessly is a structural form of some kind. The image above is my favorite mostly because it has a strong echo of Seattle for me, the bridge but primarily the image captured behind it on the wall. It is a photograph of the interior of the Seattle Public Library. An amazing building.
If you get the chance take some time out to view the gallery. Their exhibits rotate monthly and they take pride in local work. The current exhibit is Blink as in "the blink of an eye". Check it out.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Found in the wildflowers...


Krista and Jasper


Lindsey Wixson

Isn't she fabulous! Jessica Rabbit lips and the cutest gap in creation. LOVE HER!
She's on my list of IT DOESN'T HURT TO's a list of high flyers that I'd love to photograph.
KISS HUG kiss kiss hug kiss

Happy Birthday, Jalyn!

Jalyn you are one classy lady!

Jalyn and Travis and Carson King.
Look at the pure happiness on Bandit and Tiger's faces. Laying in the sun.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


This shoot reminds me of a Lula editorial of Kirsten Dunst. Its all Aarica but it's all different, random shots that don't flow together but all bound.

Short and schweet. Have a fantastic day!!!!
kiss hug

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


She's only 17. From Australia. I found her on Model Mayhem when she was only 15! This image above was one of the first that caught me. She's so incredibly talented and her work is so striking because she was just photographing life and friends. It was never forced, it had the essence of the first pioneers of photography, taking images of the happenings around them just because they really wanted to. Now she's grown up (only a little) and she's working towards the big dream. Fashion photograper. And she's on her way because she just won the People's Choice for the Artist's Wanted Contest and will be having a show in NYC this fall.
Congrats Nirrimi and I can't wait to see what you become!

Check out her blog We Live Young and listen to some Vampire Weekend. Cheers.
kiss kiss hug hug kiss hug kiss