Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hidden Kitchen

If only...
I'm checking out a really early post of mine about 6 Amazing Bookstores a friend found on Spot Cool and I follow a link to this Parisian gem...Hidden Kitchen. A culinary gathering of new friends I want to experience someday. Read the post on their experience and I'm sure you will be won over just as whole-heartedly.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bal Masque

Mert & Marcus have done it again...Models Lara Stone, Freja Beha Erichson & Mariacarla Boscono...Vogue Paris...October 2010
Who doesn't love a good 'ole masquerade?

via Fashion Gone Rogue

JC is such a crack up

JC: Mommy, guess how much I love you.

Alysia: Mmmm, a million trillion bagillion?

JC: Dang it.

I'm editing images from before I left, giving my auntie a disk of memories. This photo of JC reminded me of this hilarious conversation from my last trip to Seattle. I chaperoned my two godchildren, JC and his older sister, Lily back to their mom, Alysia. In the car from the airport Alysia is asking them all about their trip. JC pulled out this classic.


You are going to be fine

Authored by
Alexander Ross Charchar

Generally I despise this kind of hallmark advice.

You know the sort, something that tries to evoke some sort of reaction as if it’s a revolutionary, deity-like discovery of thought, even though is is often closer to day-time television psychology.

But oh well, here it is:

You’re going to be fine.

I find my self compelled to say this, as it’s a big lesson I began to learn after I started my working life and I’m sure there are some people who are in that same position right now.

You’re going to be fine.

Honestly, totally fine. No problems. It’ll work out just dandy.

The ad that came back from the booking agency? Oh well, a mistake was made. So fix it.

Client didn’t catch a spelling error after six proofs, now there’s 25,000 flyers with ‘sperm train’ rather than ‘steam train’? Oh darn! Not your fault entirely, they missed the mistake in their text, not much you can do about that now.

Or maybe it was your fault? If so, own it. Say sorry, take a little verbal abuse, or financial, or physical—should you do work for ninjas, in which case accept the steaming hot dish of ass-whoopery—and accept what has happened. Nothing can be done.

And if you can make a change, if you can fix the problem, if you were only remotely to blame for whatever has gone wrong, jump in the middle of the problem and solve it. It’ll quiet down everyone and people will remember you as reliable, as someone to turn to, as a problem solver in shining armour, should you do it right.

Accept that things will go wrong. When it’s your fault, take the blame, fix it as best you can and apologise. Don’t let it happen again, but don’t beat yourself up over it.

Accept that there are going to be challenges, that you’ll need to do things you’ve never done, learn things you’ve never understood. But you’ll learn them. You’ll work hard at it and, as long as your didn’t promise the insane, you’ll get it done. And if you can’t, hire someone who can and relax.

Work hard, laugh, listen to music and enjoy what you are doing. Hunt for the silver lining.

Because at the end of the day, or week, or month, it’ll be gone. The problem will be a foul tasting memory at worse. At best, you learned something new from it. So why stress? You’ll be fine.

Pulled from Retin Art And discovered through A Photo Editor.

O joy


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sony Bravia Commercials

Song is Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez

You should truly look up the making of all to the core.

David Sedaris

I read Me Talk Pretty One Day in anticipation of Paris...look who's coming to promote his newest book...Squirrel Seeking Chipmunk....

Friday, September 24, 2010


"Maybe it must take a flight across the ocean, hundreds of dollars, strenuous luggage and the absence of your language to wasn't too bad always have options.
Regrouping, I'm already looking for the next step. Maybe it's Ireland, maybe Scotland, maybe Slovakia, maybe England, maybe Antarctica, maybe Japan or maybe just maybe the United States. With options like those how does anyone every know?
Yesterday, I heard about an option called "WWOOFing". It's actually through the World Wide Organization for Organic Farming. There are farms that provide your room and board in exchange for manual labor on their organic farms. Total of 3 months....
...Ireland...redheads...redheads in Elite Chrome...redheads in Ireland in Elite amongst yourselves...".
I wrote this on a scrap on the metro a couple weeks ago, after spending a particularly interesting night with some particularly interesting Californians mixed with some particularly interesting Frenchies following a rough welcome to France. Last week I thought I'd settled that repetition of options in my mind...yet, I'm still stuck in the spin cycle. I've had a couple good meet and greets and a look at the abundance of models and fashion neighbors...but this community hasn't reeled me in yet. I can only hope that the words of David Harms will ring true this time...
"Vanessa makes everything bigger and bigger and she goes crazy but it all works out in the end and everyone has a great time."
Let's hope so...
...and I haven't forgotten I still owe Dave a fancy lunch in Italy.



You stumbled into my life
without grace
or charm;
without wealth
or experience;
without hope
or even luck.
But when you wavered,
you slipped
you tripped
and grabbed my hand
I laughed
and fell
in love
with you.

~Maria Galati, 18
Quiet Storm: Voices of Young Black Poets

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My drug of choice

...I'm an addict.
An addict of visual stimulation.
Here is a list of my dealers.

Akif Hakan
Albert Watson
Amy Postle
Andrea Klarin
Andrew Kuykendall
Aneta Bartos **
Aneta Kowalczyk
Anna Wolf
Anouk Lessard
Arnold Newman
Barbara Cole **
Barron Claiborne
Bruno Dayan
Cade Martin
Cathleen Naundorf **
Chris Nicholls
Chrissie White
Christopher Micaud
Chuck Close
Cleo Sullivan
Color Me Katie -blog
Contarsy + Karecha
Craig McDean -he's with Art + Commerce, but this link is recent news...
Diane Arbus
Dan Winters
Daniel Weisser
David Bailey
David Slijper
Derek Kettela
Desiree Dolron
Diana Scheunemann
Effelle Photography
Elke van de Velde
Elliot & Erick
Emel Bayram
Emma Summerton
Eolo Perfido
Eric Rose
Esther Haase
Francis A Willey
Franck Juery
George Lange
Genevieve Pierson **
Gian Paolo Barbieri
Gilles Bensimon
G L Wood
Guy Aroch **
Helmut Newton
Howard Petrella
Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin
Irving Penn
James Balog **
Jamie Nelson **
Jean Loup Sieff
Jeff Tse
Jenny Zarins**
JeongMee Yoon
Jeremy Cowart
Jimmy Bruch
Jock Sturges
Jonas Jensen
Jonas Unger ** - blog
Josephine Sacabo
Josh Marks
Joshua Meier
Julia Margaret Cameron **
Julie Blackmon
Keith Carter **
Kerik Kouklis
Koray Birand
Kristen Hatgi
Lara Jade
Lauren Ward -website Wowphoto -blog
Leo Lam
Lost and Found
Marcel van der Vlugt
Mariano Vivanco
Mark M Gong
Mark Seliger
Mark Sink
Matt Caplin -Nirrimi's talented lover
Matthew Sumi
Max Ballatore
Max Cardelli
Melissa O'Hearn
Melvin Sokolsky
Mert & Marcus -they are with Art Partner, but this is a great article.
Michael Creagh
Michel Comte
Micheal Garlington
Milad Sahafzadeh
Nadav Kander
Neil Latham
Nelson Simoneau
Nicholas Routzen -blog
Nicoline Patricia **
Nirrimi -website We Live Young **-blog
Non Photography
Olugbenro Ogunsemore
Paige Craig
Paolo Roversi **
Rasmus Mogensen
Raymond Meier
Rebecca Tillett
Renata Raksha
Rene & Radka
Richard Avedon
Robert Mapplethorpe
Rodney Smith **
Sally Mann
Sanders Nicolson
Sarah Silver
Satoshi Saikusa **
Sean Armenta
Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello
Solmaz Saberi
Stacey Mark
Stefan Giftthaler
Stephan Wurth
Stephane Sednaoui
Tanya Kechichian
The Satorialist -Scott Schuman **-blog
Thierry Le Goues
Thomas Lohr **
Tim Walker **
Todd Hido
Tom Hines
Tom Munro
Troy Moth
Wendell Levi Teodoro
Yasunari Kikuma
Yelena Yemchuk
Yossi Michaeli
Yu Tsai
Zooey Grossman

AFG-W ** Love Guy Aroch
Art + Commerce
Art Department
Art Partner
Bureau de Victor
BW Greyscale
Camera Work
The Collective Shift
Ferguson-Katzman Studio
G. Gibson Gallery
Galerie 3F
Jed Root
Julian Meijer
Kramer + Kramer
Le Book
Management + Artists
Maxim Fashion Agents
Michael Hoppen Gallery
Michele Filomeno
New Industry Arts
Nice - Alex White being how I had found this...wish I could see her port.
Paranaiv **
Patrick Demarchelier
Peggy Sirota
Photography Now
Preview Portfolio
Ray Brown Represents
Serlin Associates
Shoot Studio

Thomas Treuhaft
Trunk Archive
Walter Schupfer Management
Zeitautomatik -especially Michael G Magin

NAAG -blog
New York Mag - Fashion

FASHION talk and the like BLOGS:
A Cup of Jo
A Photo Editor **
A Rare Breed -REDHEADS!!!
A Visual Society
Black Eiffel **
Bobble Bee -dead but fantastic blog
Design Scene
Designer Clothing Emporium
Eric Saeter
Fashion Gone Rogue
Haute Design
Love Made Visible **
Moda Italia -fashion community
Model Mayhem -photo community
Oh, Hello Friend **
ShowStudio blog
So Much To Tell You **
The Decline of Fashion Photography
The Fashion Spot **
The Glossy
The New Yorker
Vasare's Visual Wonderland

Alan Fletcher Author: The Art of Looking Sideways, my favorite book
Alphonse Mucha **
Armand Jalut
Art Transindex
Brooke Camille -blog
Cafe Cartolina -blog
Chicago Printmakers Collaborative
Cory the Painter
Custom Wigs Direct
Da Font
David Hamilton
Dan Gneiding -graphic designer-blog
Daniel Merriam
Deborah Maris Lader
Font Face
Gustave Klimt **
Josephine Wall
Kay Nielson **
Maija Fiebig
Michelle Caplan
Milkfed Press
Phaidon Publishing - Published The Art of Looking Sideways -My fav book
Peter Calleson
Retinart -design blog
Rob's Woodgrained Bike Frames
Robert Treece **
Sara Larson
Scriptorium Fonts
Si Scott Design **
Stina Presson
Studio Z Letterpress
The Met
Turkey Press
Urban Ruins -amazing haunting photos
Wall Words
What the Duck

Harmonie Interieure
International Posters
Lee Jofa
Patricia Gray -blog
The Little House In The City -blog

Presents of Mind
Watson Kennedy
L'air de Rien...
Objets en Transit
Tombees du Camion

Kat Ryals
Roussanou Monastery ---> Better pic
Shane Rodimel
Spot Cool Stuff -travel is my fav but with design, entertainment and just cool stuff too.
Top 10 Most Eccentric People You Didn't Know

Agni Jarzebska -stylist
Alex White -fav stylist
Alexander McQueen
Amy Gillespie -MUA
Bottega Veneta
Dawn Tunnell _MUA
Eric Bompard
Estee Ochoa -stylist
Huma Humayun -stylist
Johnathan Saunders
Jovovich-Hawk -designers
Lanvin -designer
Larisa Katz -designer
Marquis & Camus -jewelry
Michelle Bankson
Moe Meier -stylist
Natalie Green -stylist
Patricia Yague -stylist
Rachel Freire - designer
Sandrine Goncalves -stylist
Sophie Ono -MUA
Sylvia Grieser -stylist
TEAL Salon
Vincente Villarin -designer

Butterfly Moments
Charity de Meer
Clayton Austin
Dreamtime Images
Elizabeth Messina - website Kiss the Groom ** -blog
Erin Heart Court
Green Wedding Shoes **
Heather Funk Wedding Photography
Holly Stewart
Kim Hayes Photography**
Lane Dittoe Fine Art Wedding Photography
Lise Metzger
Max Wagner**
Michelle Moore -portrait blog
Okie Creative -blog
One Thousand Words Photography
Polka Dot Bride-blog
Simply Bloom
Sean Flanigan - blog
Style Me Pretty
Thayer Allyson Gowdy
Wildflowers Photography

*Friends listed to the side, yo. Check em.
**Denotes daily pleasures...
***I feel this one needs some explanation...where did this come from? Well, I love a good party, could have been a party planner in my last life...or an interior designer...or maybe this life ...but weddings are the ultimate party...and dresses...and love...yeah, it's my cup of tea :)

The Journey

Jen shot this at the monastery in Glendalough Co, Ireland. (btw, that's me)
She has been exploding with inspiration for her blog and constantly disappointed by our internet possibilities here. Tonight she was inspired anew and was able to snag enough internet for a fantastic narrative of our journey...she's a much better story teller.
An American in Paris...her blog...except the title's in French...just thought I'd help you out.
Keep your fingers crossed for more stories to come.
Bonne chance, Jennifer.

Guest Room

These rooms make me happy.
Yes, someday...this is what one of my rooms will look like...and below,
the kitchen at Drew Barrymore's Flower Films Production Company.

I didn't shoot these.
They were snagged long ago but I was dreaming over them again just now.
Sweet dreams.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Frédérique Boudot

Pourquoi, 2004.

Or you can just call her Lou...
We found her in Montmartre, an amazing painter of nudes and student of texture.
Loved her studio, the aesthetic.
Loved her, so humble.

24 Rue la Vieuville
75018 Paris

Paolo in the morning

And a little more Paolo to start my day.
Paolo Roversi. Natalia Vodianova. Vogue China May 2010.
I'm working up to seeing how possible it is to meet the master while living in his city. I just want to meet him. Watching him work would be a dream. Working for him...
That's gumption for another day.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Just to mix it up. An 'ol Paolo Roversi. Oh how I love it.
kiss hug kiss

Notre Dame

Behold. Our Lady.

It's the little things...

Love this lightpost in Dublin.

Stained glass

Just your everyday shopping mall in Paris, Bob. This is in the Galeries Lafayette.

Which then reminded me that I never posted the images from Whitefriar Street Church in Dublin. It was next door to the hostel where we stayed.
Saint Valentine is buried in Valentine's Day people.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Luna #17

Miss you, my lulu.
Auntie V


The statuary is really something to behold.
The trance it has on me vaguely reminds me of my senior trip. I went to Washington DC with close friends and the city had a philanthropic art exhibition going on of painted bears. All over the city were these bears, each decorated by a different company. I became obsessed and had to photograph them friends became rather tired of all that and eventually began avoiding bears they would see before me in the distance. Needless to say when I returned and developed all my film I was overrun with bear photos...and so you shall be with statuary.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Love this series by David Slijper with the model Bev Moore.
As I'm still missing Ireland a bit, they make me rather nostalgic.
I think it's the green, brown and grey and the manliness.