Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chewing the Cud Fabric Wrap

From Chewing the Cud. Fantastic name and I love this idea. Wrapping gifts with gifts. I generally wrap with comic strips but this is way cooler. Love the messages too. Read here for a step by step of a rose topped gift.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Beautiful sweet nothings

my beautiful girl,

you are asleep beside me, and despite the deep rumbles and grating gears of the passing vehicles on the highway outside our window, I feel so content, listening to your breathing, and the wind in the tall backyard tree, and now it is silent of all cars and trucks and roadnoise, and now it is nicer than it was before. with you I have learnt the most about myself, and consequently the world, and with you I am calmest, clearest, happiest, realest, warmest, and all other superlatives that could be used to describe just how right things are with you. I have said it a few times but I'm not sure I've ever truly been able to express just how much I appreciate you, your presence in my life, all of the things I have learnt from you both directly and indirectly. the world will change and change often, sometimes dramatically, but I know our love will always remain. we are the strongest of the strong, and I will never leave your side.

thank you for all that you have blessed me with. i am indebted to you.

yours for all time, and timelessness,

I'm still constantly in awe at this little creature named Nirrimi. This is from her blog, We Live Young. She is a constant inspiration, not just in her amazing photography but in her spirit. Adventurously free, life lovin spirit. Painted with words and light.
I hope it continues on even in the face of the great big commercial beast ahead of her.
And I hope there are more sweet nothings like these being shared in the world.


You are right, Vievo, I really did love them.

The oh so talented Genevieve Pierson shot these images of Motopony.
I love the album cover above. I wish they credited the artist.
Their song Wait for Me is the gimme gimme.

So go get some!


The clothes! The colors! The photography!
Smeilinener Birds AW 2010/11
Shot by Attila Hartwig.
Me likey and brings me to a new fab phenom brought to light...the moving gif. Check out their site and you will see some moving images. Anthropologie is on the bandwagon too with their current online catalogue. Seems to be the cool new thing.
Does anybody know how this works? I get the jist but the logistics I'm still toying with.
Let me know.


"Latest official current world population estimate, for mid-year 2010, is estimated at 6,852,472,823. "
According to Matt Rosenburg.

Just wondering where we stood as I wonder if I'll ever stop being surprised at how many fantastic things I can find on the interweb a day.
I'm going to share some right now.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Artocracy in Tunisia

"Surprise might work with street art projects elsewhere, but the artists quickly realised dialogue is just as crucial to the artistic scene as it is to the political sphere in post-uprising Tunisia."
Read the entire article here.

This makes me proud to be an artist. I want to be there, helping to keep the spirit alive.
I close my eyes and send you some strength and love, Tunisia. Keep it coming.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SHE'S HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally. After several delays, by weeks, then days, then hours, her plane was early. Waiting in anticipation at the bottom of the escalator assured to bring her to us, we hear an unexpected "Luna!" from down the hall.

And we can all sleep again.
So glad you are home.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Help ART help others

In Seattle, Washington, Matt Larson is hosting an art auction to raise money for the crisis in Japan. Lend a helping hand. He is looking for artists to volunteer work to be auctioned or any charitable contribution.

via Art Auction for Japan
Check out this link for more information.
If you can't help here, spread the word.
Every little bit helps.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Before I sleep...

©Robin Schwartz

this is the last image I want in my head...
what kind of dreams do you think it will induce?
Bonne nuit

Lovely Chance

O lovely chance, what can I do
To give my gratefulness to you?
You rise between myself and me
With a wise persistency;
I would have broken body and soul,
But by your grace, still I am whole.
Many a thing you did to save me,
Many a holy gift you gave me,
Music and friends and happy love
More than my dearest dreaming of;
And now in this wide twilight hour
With earth and heaven a dark, blue flower,
In a humble mood I bless
Your wisdom--and your waywardness.
You brought me even here, where I
Live on a hill against the sky
And look on mountains and the sea
And a thin white moon in the pepper tree.
Sara Teasdale

Yesterday I took a V day in Norman, OK. I haven't had much time to even think with Luna my sole charge. It's been three weeks since I had a Luna-free day, not complaining, just stating that a V day was in order. I started the day early with an interview and took the rest of the time exploring the most wonderful place I've thus found in Oklahoma. Great galleries, good thrift finds, a whole food personal grocer (where I found the most adorable multi colored, sombrero shaped pasta) and a great little bookstore. At the bookstore, The Book Stall, I bought The Quintessence of Beauty and Romance as compiled by Marjorie Barrows from the poetry section. I had to purchase it because it contains five Sara Teasdale poems, my favorite poet, and I don’t have any of her poems in print. The book is full of great short stories, prose and poetry. Luna always asks, “Auntie V, are you happy?”

I’m happy.

I dedicate Lovely Chance to my dear friend Asha. The new mother to a beautiful daughter named Alana and the marvelous human being that first introduced me to Teasdale.

I hope many lovely chances continue your way.



Monday, March 7, 2011

Art Projects

Yes, something I actually did other than take pictures of Luna :)
A valentine for a friend and a little mixed media ditty.
I'm working on another but it will have to wait til the house is sparkling
because my sister is on her way HOME!!!!
BIG KISS kiss kiss kiss hug kiss BIG HUG hug hug kiss BIG KISS

Tokyo fanny skirts

More random. These are old images from an email I got so many years ago I have no idea where the images came from. Can you tell I'm cleaning my blog folder? And I would not suggest googling to discover the origins because you really just get a lot of naughty asian porn.

Flippin Cool Pencils

I actually can't find where this was on the site but it's that has more visual stimuli than a room full of sugared up toddlers and the crayola warehouse. I'm tickled.
When searching the site to try to find the first "alphabet" image again to link, I found this.

Jennifer Maestre Pencil Sculptures:

Yay!everyday is probably the coolest random site I've ever seen. Forget stumbling my friends, just take a couple minutes to fiddle on this.


TOAST House and Home

Toast Spring and Summer House and Home Catalog is HERE!
Yummy, Yum! I want those warm salmon colored walls and that tub!!!!



Title pretty much explains itself.
A website that calls your phone FOR FREE!
Thanks Real Simple for the tip :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tree Bookcase

I've been toying with a tree design for a bookcase in Luna's room. She could then have her books and her stuffed animals on display with easy access. I really want to make her one of those kid teepees too to put next to it.
Here are some great tree inspired bookcases.

Shawn Soh Tree

Olivier Dolle Design

Jordi Mila design via Nesir Aleem

Casaidea via Design Milk

Domodinomica via theblogonthebookshelf

All of these images below are Carpanelli designs. Oh my word how I feel in love with them! They are like modern Art Nouveau pieces. The craftsmanship, the ingenuity, the elegance, I even love the artwork in the show images, the pheasants and the black and gold cityscape. Look at the amazing stage set for the tree inspired bookcase below, I could do with a little less floor showing but it is superb.